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    osds: use pg stat command instead of ceph status · ee505885
    Dimitri Savineau authored
    The ceph status command returns a lot of information stored in variables
    and/or facts which could consume resources for nothing.
    When checking the pgs state, we're using the pgmap structure in the ceph
    status output.
    To optimize this, we could use the ceph pg stat command which contains
    the same needed information.
    This command returns less information (only about pgs) and is slightly
    faster than the ceph status command.
    $ ceph status -f json | wc -c
    $ ceph pg stat -f json | wc -c
    $ time ceph status -f json > /dev/null
    real	0m0.529s
    user	0m0.503s
    sys	0m0.024s
    $ time ceph pg stat -f json > /dev/null
    real	0m0.426s
    user	0m0.409s
    sys	0m0.016s
    The data returned by the ceph status is even bigger when using the
    nautilus release.
    $ ceph status -f json | wc -c
    $ ceph pg stat -f json | wc -c
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitri Savineau <dsavinea@redhat.com>