Commit 3c806545 authored by Zheng Yile's avatar Zheng Yile
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Merge branch 'dev' into gui-master

parents 2979647e 4298685e
......@@ -370,15 +370,18 @@ def get_data(eid, pid, before=None, after=None, cnt=None):
return _get_data_not_from_pack(eid=eid, before=before, after=after, cnt=cnt)
MAXCNT = 100
res = []
while cnt > 0:
if pid:
sub = _get_data_from_pack(eid=eid, pid=pid, before=before, after=after, cnt=min(100, cnt))
sub = _get_data_from_pack(eid=eid, pid=pid, before=before, after=after, cnt=min(MAXCNT, cnt))
sub = _get_data_not_from_pack(eid=eid, before=before, after=after, cnt=min(100, cnt))
sub = _get_data_not_from_pack(eid=eid, before=before, after=after, cnt=min(MAXCNT, cnt))
if not sub: return False
res += sub
cnt -= 100
res += reversed(sub)
before = sub[0]['id']
cnt -= MAXCNT
return res
def get_exercise(eid, pid, lang, feedback='dict'):
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