Commit f3fc97ca authored by Dimitri Savineau's avatar Dimitri Savineau Committed by Dimitri Savineau
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openstack_config: fix docker exec command

container_exec_cmd should be replace by docker_exec_cmd.


Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitri Savineau <>
parent 18845061
- name: wait for all osd to be up
command: "{{ container_exec_cmd | default('') }} ceph --cluster {{ cluster }} -s -f json"
command: "{{ hostvars[groups[mon_group_name][0]]['docker_exec_cmd'] | default('') }} ceph --cluster {{ cluster }} -s -f json"
register: wait_for_all_osds_up
retries: "{{ nb_retry_wait_osd_up }}"
delay: "{{ delay_wait_osd_up }}"
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