Commit bf8cdad9 authored by Brad Hubbard's avatar Brad Hubbard Committed by Guillaume Abrioux
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Make sure the repo url contains the correct arch

We can end up with an arm only repo unless we are specific about the
architecture we require. Brings the deb code in line with the rpm
Signed-off-by: default avatarBrad Hubbard <>
parent fe918722
- name: get latest available build
url: "{{ ansible_facts['distribution'] | lower }}/{{ ansible_facts['distribution_release'] }}/{{ ansible_facts['architecture'] }}&ref={{ ceph_dev_branch }}&sha1={{ ceph_dev_sha1 }}"
return_content: yes
run_once: true
register: latest_build
- name: fetch ceph debian development repository
url:{{ ceph_dev_branch }}/{{ ceph_dev_sha1 }}/{{ ansible_facts['distribution'] | lower }}/{{ ansible_facts['distribution_release'] }}/repo
url: "{{ (latest_build.content | from_json)[0]['chacra_url'] }}repo"
return_content: yes
register: ceph_dev_deb_repo
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