Commit b187c508 authored by Sébastien Han's avatar Sébastien Han Committed by mergify[bot]
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rolling_upgrade: set sortbitwise properly

Running 'osd set sortbitwise' when we detect a version 12 of Ceph is
wrong. When OSD are getting updated, even though the package is updated
they won't send their updated version (12) and will stick with 10 if the
command is not applied. So we have to check if OSD are sending a version
10 and then run the command to unlock the OSDs.


Signed-off-by: default avatarSébastien Han <>
(cherry picked from commit 2e6e885b)
parent 4ef9d42e
......@@ -400,7 +400,7 @@
delegate_to: "{{ groups[mon_group_name][0] }}"
- (ceph_versions.get('stdout', '{}')|from_json).get('osd', {}) | length == 1
- ceph_versions_osd | string | search("ceph version 12")
- ceph_versions_osd | string | search("ceph version 10")
- not jewel_minor_update
- name: get num_pgs - non container
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