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docs: Add upgrade operation.

This commit adds a chapter about the ceph upgrade process.

Closes: #5393
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Upgrading the ceph cluster
ceph-ansible provides a playbook in ``infrastructure-playbooks`` for upgrading a Ceph cluster: ``rolling_update.yml``.
This playbook could be used for both minor upgrade (X.Y to X.Z) or major upgrade (X to Y).
Before running a major upgrade you need to update the ceph-ansible version first.
.. code-block:: shell
$ ansible-playbook -vv -i hosts infrastructure-playbooks/rolling_update.yml
.. note::
This playbook isn't intended to be run with the ``--limit`` ansible option.
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......@@ -281,6 +281,7 @@ ceph-ansible provides a set of playbook in ``infrastructure-playbooks`` director
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