Commit 94fb6ffd authored by Sébastien Han's avatar Sébastien Han
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mon: fix calamari initialisation

If calamari is already installed and ceph has been upgraded to a higher
version the initialisation will fail later. So if we detect the
calamari-server is too old compare to ceph_rhcs_version we try to update


Signed-off-by: default avatarSébastien Han <>
(cherry picked from commit 4c9e24a9)
parent 16c23c4d
- name: test if calamari-server is installed
command: rpm -q --qf "%{VERSION}\n" calamari-server
warn: no
ignore_errors: true
check_mode: no
changed_when: false
register: calamari_server_rpm_state
- name: install calamari server
name: calamari-server
state: "{{ (upgrade_ceph_packages|bool) | ternary('latest','present') }}"
state: "{{ 'latest' if (calamari_server_rpm_state.stdout.split('.')[0] is version(ceph_rhcs_version, '<') and not calamari_server_rpm_state.failed) else (upgrade_ceph_packages|bool) | ternary('latest','present') }}"
- package-install
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