Commit 92e01ae0 authored by Guillaume Abrioux's avatar Guillaume Abrioux Committed by mergify[bot]
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Revert "client: add quotes to the dict values"

This commit is adding quotes that make keyring unusuable


        key: AQAN0RdbAAAAABAAH5D3WgMN9Rxw3M8jkpMIfg==
        caps: [mds] ''
        caps: [mgr] 'allow *'
        caps: [mon] 'allow rw'
        caps: [osd] 'allow rw'

Trying to import such a keyring and use it will result:

Error EACCES: access denied


This reverts commit 42481550

Signed-off-by: default avatarGuillaume Abrioux <>
(cherry picked from commit ecbd3e45)
parent 6db4fceb
- name: set_fact keys_tmp - preserve backward compatibility after the introduction of the ceph_keys module
keys_tmp: "{{ keys_tmp|default([]) + [ { 'key': item.key, 'name':, 'caps': { 'mon': item.mon_cap|quote, 'osd': item.osd_cap|default('')|quote, 'mds': item.mds_cap|default('')|quote, 'mgr': item.mgr_cap|default('')|quote } , 'mode': item.mode } ] }}"
keys_tmp: "{{ keys_tmp|default([]) + [ { 'key': item.key, 'name':, 'caps': { 'mon': item.mon_cap, 'osd': item.osd_cap|default(''), 'mds': item.mds_cap|default(''), 'mgr': item.mgr_cap|default('') } , 'mode': item.mode } ] }}"
- item.get('mon_cap', None) # it's enough to assume we are running an old-fashionned syntax simply by checking the presence of mon_cap since every key needs this cap
with_items: "{{ keys }}"
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