Commit 8e6ef818 authored by Guillaume Abrioux's avatar Guillaume Abrioux Committed by Dimitri Savineau
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filestore-to-bluestore: ensure all dm are closed

This commit adds a task to ensure device mappers are well closed when
lvm batch scenario is used.
Otherwise, OSDs can't be redeployed given that devices that are rejected
by ceph-volume because they are locked.

Adding a condition `devices | default([]) | length > 0` to remove these
dm only when using lvm batch scenario.
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuillaume Abrioux <>
parent 51d60119
......@@ -175,6 +175,16 @@
CEPH_CONTAINER_IMAGE: "{{ ceph_docker_registry + '/' + ceph_docker_image + ':' + ceph_docker_image_tag if containerized_deployment else None }}"
CEPH_CONTAINER_BINARY: "{{ container_binary }}"
loop: "{{ osd_fsid_list }}"
- name: ensure all dm are closed
command: dmsetup remove "{{ item['lv_path'] }}"
with_items: "{{ _lvm_list }}"
changed_when: false
failed_when: false
- item['lv_path'] is defined
# Do not close mappers for non 'lvm batch' devices
- devices | default([]) | length > 0
when: _lvm_list is defined
- name: set_fact osd_ids
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