Commit 8b86b2ed authored by Guillaume Abrioux's avatar Guillaume Abrioux
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tests: increase nb of rerun in pytest

In order to avoid false positive in the CI that I've been unable to
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuillaume Abrioux <>
(cherry picked from commit f7fd1c22)
parent ce25fc74
......@@ -410,7 +410,7 @@ commands=
# wait 30sec for services to be ready
sleep 30
# test cluster state using ceph-ansible tests
py.test --reruns 5 --reruns-delay 1 -n 8 --durations=0 --sudo -v --connection=ansible --ansible-inventory={changedir}/{env:INVENTORY} --ssh-config={changedir}/vagrant_ssh_config {toxinidir}/tests/functional/tests
py.test --reruns 20 --reruns-delay 3 -n 8 --durations=0 --sudo -v --connection=ansible --ansible-inventory={changedir}/{env:INVENTORY} --ssh-config={changedir}/vagrant_ssh_config {toxinidir}/tests/functional/tests
# reboot all vms
all_daemons,collocation: ansible-playbook -vv -i {changedir}/{env:INVENTORY} {toxinidir}/tests/functional/reboot.yml
......@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ commands=
# wait 30sec for services to be ready
sleep 30
# retest to ensure cluster came back up correctly after rebooting
all_daemons,collocation: py.test --reruns 5 --reruns-delay 1 -n 8 --durations=0 --sudo -v --connection=ansible --ansible-inventory={changedir}/{env:INVENTORY} --ssh-config={changedir}/vagrant_ssh_config {toxinidir}/tests/functional/tests
all_daemons,collocation: py.test --reruns 20 --reruns-delay 3 -n 8 --durations=0 --sudo -v --connection=ansible --ansible-inventory={changedir}/{env:INVENTORY} --ssh-config={changedir}/vagrant_ssh_config {toxinidir}/tests/functional/tests
# handlers/idempotency test
all_daemons,all_in_one,collocation: ansible-playbook -vv -i {changedir}/{env:INVENTORY} {toxinidir}/{env:PLAYBOOK:site.yml.sample} --extra-vars "delegate_facts_host={env:DELEGATE_FACTS_HOST:True} ceph_stable_release={env:CEPH_STABLE_RELEASE:nautilus} ceph_docker_image_tag={env:CEPH_DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG_BIS:latest-bis-nautilus}" --extra-vars @ceph-override.json
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