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documention on how to configure ceph.conf using ceph_conf_overrides
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* A rolling upgrade playbook was written, an upgrade from Dumpling to Emperor was performed and worked.
## Configuring Ceph
The supported method for defining your ceph.conf is to use the `ceph_conf_overrides` variable. This allows you to specify configuration options using
an INI format. This variable can be used to override sections already defined in ceph.conf (see: `roles/ceph-common/templates/ceph.conf.j2`) or to provide
new configuration options. The following sections in ceph.conf are supported: [global], [mon], [osd], [mds] and [rgw].
An example:
foo: 1234
bar: 5678
osd mkfs type: ext4
**Note:** we will no longer accept pull requests that modify the ceph.conf template unless it helps the deployment. For simple configuration tweaks
please use the `ceph_conf_overrides` variable.
## Setup with Vagrant using virtualbox provider
* Create vagrant_variables.yml
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