Commit 21fa7f31 authored by Dimitri Savineau's avatar Dimitri Savineau Committed by Guillaume Abrioux
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container/registry: use password from stdin

Pass the password variable via stdin for the registry login
This allows to remove the no_log statement and see the task output
without displaying the password value.

Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitri Savineau <>
(cherry picked from commit a0e1a450)
parent 5210bd16
- name: container registry authentication
command: '{{ container_binary }} login -u {{ ceph_docker_registry_username }} -p {{ ceph_docker_registry_password | quote }} {{ ceph_docker_registry }}'
command: '{{ container_binary }} login -u {{ ceph_docker_registry_username }} --password-stdin {{ ceph_docker_registry }}'
stdin: '{{ ceph_docker_registry_password }}'
stdin_add_newline: no
changed_when: false
no_log: true
HTTP_PROXY: "{{ ceph_docker_http_proxy | default('') }}"
HTTPS_PROXY: "{{ ceph_docker_https_proxy | default('') }}"
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