Commit 14c47270 authored by Guillaume Abrioux's avatar Guillaume Abrioux
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fix 'command -v' tasks

`command -v` is a bash script which needs a shell to run.

Fixes: #6325
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuillaume Abrioux <>
parent 07029e1b
......@@ -79,8 +79,8 @@
tags: with_pkg
when: not is_atomic | bool
- name: check podman presence
command: command -v podman
- name: check podman presence # noqa : 305
shell: command -v podman
register: podman_presence
changed_when: false
failed_when: false
......@@ -493,8 +493,8 @@
failed_when: false
register: ceph_lockbox_partition_to_erase_path
- name: see if ceph-volume is installed
command: command -v ceph-volume
- name: see if ceph-volume is installed # noqa : 305
shell: command -v ceph-volume
changed_when: false
failed_when: false
register: ceph_volume_present
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