Commit 148ef5cc authored by Sébastien Han's avatar Sébastien Han Committed by mergify[bot]
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Revert "osd: generate device list for osd_auto_discovery on rolling_update"

This reverts commit e84f11e9


This commit was giving a new failure later during the rolling_update
process. Basically, this was modifying the list of devices and started
impacting the ceph-osd itself. The modification to accomodate the
osd_auto_discovery parameter should happen outside of the ceph-osd.

Also we are trying to not play ceph-osd role during the rolling_update
process so we can speed up the upgrade.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSébastien Han <>
(cherry picked from commit 3149b256)
parent 8327f3de
......@@ -12,18 +12,6 @@
- item.value.holders|count == 0
- "'dm-' not in item.key"
- name: set_fact devices generate device list when osd_auto_discovery - rolling_update
devices: "{{ devices | default([]) + [ item.key | regex_replace('^', '/dev/') ] }}"
with_dict: "{{ ansible_devices }}"
- osd_auto_discovery
- rolling_update
- ansible_devices is defined
- "'dm-' not in item.key"
- item.value.removable == "0"
- item.value.sectors != "0"
- name: resolve dedicated device link(s)
command: readlink -f {{ item }}
changed_when: false
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