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    monitor: use quorum_status instead of ceph status · 88f91d8c
    Dimitri Savineau authored
    The ceph status command returns a lot of information stored in variables
    and/or facts which could consume resources for nothing.
    When checking the quorum status, we're only using the quorum_names
    structure in the ceph status output.
    To optimize this, we could use the ceph quorum_status command which contains
    the same needed information.
    This command returns less information.
    $ ceph status -f json  | wc -c
    $ ceph quorum_status -f json  | wc -c
    $ time ceph status -f json > /dev/null
    real	0m0.577s
    user	0m0.538s
    sys	0m0.029s
    $ time ceph quorum_status -f json > /dev/null
    real	0m0.544s
    user	0m0.527s
    sys	0m0.016s
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitri Savineau <dsavinea@redhat.com>