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    shrink-osd: Stop ceph-disk container based on ID · 343eec7a
    Dimitri Savineau authored
    Since bedc0ab6
     we now manage ceph-osd systemd unit scripts based on ID
    instead of device name but it was not present in the shrink-osd
    playbook (ceph-disk version).
    To keep backward compatibility on deployment that didn't do yet the
    transition on OSD id then we should stop unit scripts for both device
    and ID.
    This commit adds the ulimit nofile container option to get better
    performance on ceph-disk commands.
    It also fixes an issue when the OSD id matches multiple OSD ids with
    the same first digit.
    $ ceph-disk list | grep osd.1
     /dev/sdb1 ceph data, prepared, cluster ceph, osd.1, block /dev/sdb2
     /dev/sdg1 ceph data, prepared, cluster ceph, osd.12, block /dev/sdg2
    Finally removing the shrinked OSD directory.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitri Savineau <dsavinea@redhat.com>