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add simple example

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use surfcode_rs::*;
use rayon::prelude::*;
use utils::load_arr;
use controller::*;
fn main() {
let xn = 8;
let zm = 8;
let pm = 0.01;
let mut m_correct = vec![0.; 256];
let mut m_error = vec![0.; 256];
m_correct[0] = 1. - pm;
m_error[0] = pm;
let measure_model = error::MeasureNoiseModel::new(m_correct, m_error);
loop {
let result = runner2(xn, zm, 2, measure_model.clone());
if result == 0 {
pub mod algo;
pub mod controller;
pub mod error;
pub mod model;
pub mod utils;
mod algo;
mod controller;
mod error;
mod model;
mod utils;
use surfcode_rs::*;
use clap::{App, Arg};
use rayon::prelude::*;
use controller::*;
use crate::utils::load_arr;
use utils::load_arr;
fn main() {
std::env::set_var("LD_LIBRARY_PATH", "bin/");
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