Commit bf3ec9de authored by Thierry Reding's avatar Thierry Reding Committed by Krzysztof Kozlowski
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dt-bindings: arm-smmu: Fix json-schema syntax

Commit 4287861d ("dt-bindings: arm-smmu: Add Tegra186 compatible
string") introduced a jsonschema syntax error as a result of a rebase
gone wrong. Fix it.

Fixes: 4287861d

 ("dt-bindings: arm-smmu: Add Tegra186 compatible string")
Reported-by: default avatarRob Herring <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarThierry Reding <>
Acked-by: default avatarRob Herring <>

Signed-off-by: default avatarKrzysztof Kozlowski <>
parent 47661ee1
......@@ -52,16 +52,14 @@ properties:
- const: marvell,ap806-smmu-500
- const: arm,mmu-500
- description: NVIDIA SoCs that program two ARM MMU-500s identically
- description: NVIDIA SoCs that require memory controller interaction
and may program multiple ARM MMU-500s identically with the memory
controller interleaving translations between multiple instances
for improved performance.
- enum:
- const: nvidia,tegra194-smmu
- const: nvidia,tegra186-smmu
- nvidia,tegra194-smmu
- nvidia,tegra186-smmu
- const: nvidia,smmu-500
- items:
- const: arm,mmu-500
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