Commit 41eba23e authored by Masahiro Yamada's avatar Masahiro Yamada
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init: use $(call cmd,) for generating include/generated/compile.h

The 'cmd' macro shows the short log only when $(quiet) is quiet_.
Do not do it manually.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMasahiro Yamada <>
parent 2728fcfa
......@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ $(obj)/version.o: include/generated/compile.h
# mkcompile_h will make sure to only update the
# actual file if its content has changed.
chk_compile.h = :
quiet_chk_compile.h = echo ' CHK $@'
silent_chk_compile.h = :
include/generated/compile.h: FORCE
$(Q)$(CONFIG_SHELL) $(srctree)/scripts/mkcompile_h $@ \
quiet_cmd_compile.h = CHK $@
cmd_compile.h = \
$(CONFIG_SHELL) $(srctree)/scripts/mkcompile_h $@ \
include/generated/compile.h: FORCE
$(call cmd,compile.h)
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